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Welcome to the Alabama Mayflower Society

The Alabama Society of Mayflower Descendants welcomes inquiries and appreciates interest in our activities and publications. Our members all have demonstrated direct descent from the Pilgrims or their companions who bravely crossed the gale-ridden Atlantic in the Mayflower in 1620.

Founded in 1952, we organized as a society to commemorate the spirit of these brave people who had such strength in times of adversity. Beginning with the signing of The Mayflower Compact, our ancestors created a self-governing community founded upon democratic principles.

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Membership Eligibility

You are eligible to join our society if you can provide documentation demonstrating that you are a direct descendant of a passenger who sailed to New England on the Mayflower in 1620.
If you believe you would qualify as a member, we urge you to complete our Lineage Synopsis Form.

Society Officers

2022 Spring Conference Meeting

Saturday, June 4, 2022 at 1:00 p.m.
Live from four locations
(details and important links below and watch a short video with additional details by clicking this link
 Video Link)

TAKE A FEW MINUTES   I want to start with a reminder to please read the minutes of our October 30, 2021, Compact Day Commemoration meeting in Montevallo -- especially if you were there and you will also be present at one of our four June 4th locations.  One of the agenda items will be to approve or disapprove those minutes.  So please read or reread them so you can knowledgeably vote at our upcoming conference.  The minutes can be found in the latest edition of The Alabama Pilgrim Newsletter.

October 30, 2021 Compact Day Commemoration Meeting Newsletter

OUR FAST-APPROACHING SPRING CONFERENCE   This is the VERY FIRST TIME the State Society has teamed up with all four colonies to put on a statewide event.  We're doing this to save money for your Society and for YOU.  It's Mobile's turn to host the SPRING CONFERENCE.  I suspect those of you from upstate colonies would spend more than $10 to drive to and from Mobile or you would just stay home and miss out on everything..  Whereas, your $10 SPRING CONFERENCE ticket gets you a 48-hour movie rental of STEPHANO:

The True Story of Shakespeare's Shipwreck PLUS attendance for Mr. Andrew Buckley's LIVE presentation on June 4th (and the SMDAL meeting) AND you get to save driving time and gas money by attending near where you reside.   EVERYTHING you need to know is contained in several posts I've made in the Society's Facebook group and on the Gulf Coast Colony's Facebook page, plus in the email blast we did last Friday and in the latest edition of The Alabama Pilgrim Newsletter.  Links to all the documents, websites and videos are at the end of this email.   Ticket sales are continuing at a steady pace.  But, I want to encourage you to buy your tickets SOONER rather than LATER.  We need head-counts so each Colony location can be prepared for an accurate number of attendees.  Plus, you don't want to be in a crunch trying to view the movie right before June 4th.  You'll have access to it for 48 hours.  I watched it 3 times during my 48-hour rental.  It's that good!   The Colonies are in a competition to see which Colony location will have the highest attendance for the event.  Those numbers are reflected by ticket sales.  Right now, Tennessee Valley Colony is in first place and has the BRAGGING RIGHTS .  Capital Colony is currently second, Gulf Coast Colony is in third place and Cahaba River Colony is (sadly) in last place.  But I'm sure Inge, Nell Rose and Mark will rally their members soon.   Four final points regarding ticket sales: Whatever time of day you purchase your tickets, we have been getting them to purchasers by the end of the same day along with the information on how to access the movie. Ticket sales for MEMBERS and NON-MEMBERS count towards the Colony

Competition.  The Colony selected during the ticket-buying process is the one that will get credit. Our Pilgrim Payment Portal is where you get your tickets.  Directions on how to navigate the portal are HERE. If you bought TWO tickets for people who reside at the same address, you could BOTH create Vimeo profiles and be able to have TWO 48-hour rental periods.  Just be sure to do them in succession, not at the same time.  

A WORD FOR MY GULF COAST COLONY FOLKS   Now, if you will indulge me, this next bit is for my Gulf Coast Colony peeps:  Y'all KNOW we need to have the highest attendance of all the Colonies.  You're MY home Colony!  We're gonna have a great meal at Moe's BBQ Downtown and then a fantastic event just three blocks away at the Ben May Mobile Public Library.  Also, we're gonna appropriate Tennessee Valley's idea of serving desserts during our meeting.    We haven't seen each other in quite a while.  The last time I believe was when we paraded as the Mystics of Mayflower Descendants as part of the Krewe de Bienville parade on Joe Cain Sunday in 2020!   So get your tickets and come on out to see everybody.  Let's get the gang back together!  




PILGRIM PAYMENT PORTAL flyer is here:   The

PILGRIM PAYMENT PORTAL instructions sheet is here:   The PILGRIM

PAYMENT PORTAL itself is here:  

The Spring/Summer edition of The Alabama Pilgrim Newsletter is here:

VIDEOS   Kevin Sellew and Mary Helen Mahan discussing the Capital Colony's plans for June 4th:  

Kevin Sellew at the Tennessee Valley Colony meeting on April 30th  

Kevin Sellew at the Ben May Mobile Public Library showing Gulf Coast Colony folks how to find the meeting room where we will be on June 4th.  


Membership Inquiries
Brenda Gouge, Historian
25525 Tinsley Road, Andalusia, AL 36421-8391 
phone: 334-222-0347

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